Welcome to Jersey Marine Conservation



What can you get involved with or support?

On this website you will find out some of the things we do such including Research, Education and Campaigning. Seasearch is our principal research project and it makes scuba diving, snorkeling and exploring the seabed a lot of fun and much more rewarding. You might like to see the Butterfield Marine Watch Touch Tank or get the Team to visit your school to support your Education programme. Have you ever seen a Cove Clean up in progress?

Keeping Jersey Marine Conservation going is an ongoing challenge and our mantra is ‘Conservation not Conversation’!

If any of this rocks your boat then drop us an email from our contact page and let us know how you would like to be involved.

We are a non-profit volunteer organisation. We are registered and approved by the Jersey Charities Commissioner here in Jersey. Our thanks are due to the Association of Jersey Charities for their ongoing help and support, with whom we are also registered and approved. The Channel Islands Lottery funds they administer have made it possible for us to function as effectively as we do. Many organisations have contributed with grants and donations and we are very grateful to them.

Our Committee are also members of the Socété Jersiaise, Marine Biology section. Monthly meetings which we hope will resume soon, include a Seasearch report, bulletins regulary feature surveys and interesting species. Check out the Société Calendar for the latest info.

We endeavour to support and assist our local students who are studying the Marine Environment at University or College.




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