Welcome to our Website. The question most people ask is; how can we get involved in the surveys or support the education programme?

On this website, you will find out some of the things we do including Research, Education, removing harmful marine debris and campaigning to increase our Marine Protection areas. Seasearch is our principal project. It makes scuba diving and exploring the seabed a lot of fun and much more rewarding. You might like to see the Butterfield Marine Watch Tank or get the Team to visit your school to support your Education programme. In 2021 we launched the Butterfield Marine Watch Bioblitz, allowing schools the opportunity to visit the inter-tidal areas with our team of marine scientists. 2022 will hopefully allow us to support more schools and community groups.

Keeping Jersey Marine Conservation going is an ongoing challenge and our mantra is ‘Conservation not Conversation’ our philosophy is ‘If it’s to be it’s up to me’!

People ask how they can get involved and we don’t like to turn anyone away however, our aim is to pursue the need for Marine Conservation. Finding, identifying, and recording what you see on your inter-tidal rambles, or while diving can help our campaign enormously. The more records you gather (which can be accessed through the Jersey Biodiversity Centre by anyone wanting to find out about species in our waters), the more scientific support for marine protected areas there is and the more likely it is for these key sites to receive approval. If you want to use the most effective mechanism for recording data you need to utilize an approved method. Some survey methods can be quite involved but a really easy first step is to attend a Seasearch Observers Course. This will teach you about habitats, species, and how to systematically record your findings. If you are into underwater photography this is the perfect course for you as taking images is a very convincing species recording mechanism. You then need to complete at least 5 qualifying report forms which will be firstly checked by us to assess you are filling them in accurately. (This does not mean you have to be a species guru in fact the opposite is often better. We don’t want people to guess what they are seeing). The forms are sent off to Seasearch and subject to approval, you will receive your Observer qualification. Seasearch does charge for the course materials and the current fee is £75. This course is run here by us or online, subject to demand.

To participate in organised activities the minimum age is 18. (However, those aged 14 and over may attend the Observer Course and Tutor-led beach surveys if accompanied by a parent or family approved adult).

If you want to join the Jersey Marine Conservation, Seasearch Diving Team, you need to first complete the Seasearch Observer Course and also be a full Advanced Open Water Diver (or equivalent) with all your own equipment. Divers keen on underwater photography/ videography are most welcome. We also endeavour to support University Undergraduates and Research students who have diving qualifications and/or want to carry out seabed investigations. We have strong links with the Jersey International Centre Of Advanced Studies, Société Jeriaise and States of Jersey, Marine Resources department. In conjunction with these organisations, we support dissertation and fieldwork.

We have been chosen as a Ports of Jersey Charity partner for 2022 and 2023, particularly focusing on ways of protecting the diverse habitats of our harbour areas.

Also, we are grateful to the Jersey Community Fund partners who have provided funds for us to carry out a seagrass restoration study that will hopefully lead to the meadows receiving full protection.
In 2021 we worked with the Blue Marine Foundation in their drive to establish a Marine Park and continue to support their hard work.

Our 2 main aims for 2022 are:
1. Beginning the process to expand our East Coast Ramsar area so that it includes the currently unprotected Seagrass Meadows of St Catherine’s harbour and bay.
2. Reaching more schools with our Butterfield Marine Watch schools program.

Remember you don’t have to be a diver to carry out surveys.
Rockpool exploration is a way of completing surveys and with our 11m+ tides it is possible to complete surveys or a Bioblitz without even getting too wet!

If any of this rocks your boat, then drop us an email from our contact page and let us know if you would like to attend a Seasearch Course or already have the qualification.

Isolated cove clean-ups are organised by various groups such as Mermaids Swimming Group and supported by us.

Should you wish to organise a clean-up yourself or want to fundraise for us, we will support you as much as we can, so do contact us.
We are a non-profit volunteer organisation, approved by the Jersey Charities Commissioner here in Jersey. Our thanks are due to the Association of Jersey Charities for their ongoing help and support, with whom we are also registered and approved. In 2021 they nominated us as their first and only 50 year anniversary winner. The Channel Islands Lottery funds they administer have made it possible for us to function as effectively as we do. Many organisations have contributed with grants and donations and we are alos very grateful to them.

Our Committee are also members of the Socété Jersiaise, Marine Biology section. Monthly meetings which we hope will resume soon, include a Seasearch report, bulletins regularly feature surveys and interesting species. Check out the Société Calendar for the latest info.

We are also working closely with the Jersey Independent Centre of Advanced Studies in the development of Marine Ecology projects and scientific investigation.
Those wanting to advance their academic studies in Marine studies who would like to carry out dissertation research or want to gain practical experience are invited to contact us to explore available possibilities.

We endeavour to support and assist our local students who are studying the Marine Environment at University or College.




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