After one of our dives along Jersey’s North Coast we discovered that many places around our Island are virtually inaccessible from the land and never get cleaned.

We could see masses of rope, polystyrene, old pots and all sorts of plastic. Many are home to birds like Puffins and have a wide diversity of species living in the inter-tidal zone. We found dead cormorants strangled by fishing line. More recently our propeller was fouled by rope nearly as thick as a telegraph pole floating just below the surface. Fish and crabs as examples feed on what is attached to the plastic. Progressively more and more man-made materials are entering the food chain affecting all living creatures including us.

Should you wish to organise a clean-up yourself or want to fundraise for us, we will support you as much as we can, so do contact us. We can provide the rib, support and equipment. You just need to get a team of four that can handle tough sea conditions. Its great fun, rewarding but a serious and important challenge.

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