The question most people ask is; how can we get involved in the surveys or support the education programme?

We need divers with PADI Advanced Open Water Qualification, BSAC Sport or equivalent to help with surveys. 

Divers taking part in survey dives must be self-reliant, current in diving, are advised to have medical insurance and will need their own equipment. This needs to be serviced and in good working order. A Computer and Surface marker buoy must be carried at all times. A recording slate is required, diving computer, torch and ideally a reasonable camera.

Minimum age for volunteers unless part of an organised group is 18.

Volunteer divers will be required to complete the Seasearch Observer Course

This will teach you about habitats, species, and how to systematically record your findings. If you are into underwater photography this is the perfect course for you as taking images is a very convincing species recording mechanism.

You then need to complete at least five qualifying report forms which will be firstly checked by us to assess you are filling them in accurately. (This does not mean you have to be a species guru in fact the opposite is often better. We don’t want people to guess what they are seeing). The forms are sent off to Seasearch and subject to approval, you will receive your Observer qualification.

Seasearch does charge for the course materials and the current fee is £75. This course is run here by us or online, subject to demand.

Education Programme

JMC runs a very active schools education program, visiting island schools. Our workshops and media resources are helping the Islanders to learn proactively about how to safeguard species in our own marine waters.

We need people with a teaching or support background to help us.

We believe education rather than legislation is the way forward, in preserving the Islands future as a healthy place to live.

Want to work with us?