The Project

Currently, we are carrying out surveys of the biodiversity in the St Helier Town Marina while it is being refurbished. Our initial surveys will work as a set of baseline data to work from as the new pontoons are put in.

Over the next few years we will be gathering data on the species that recolonise the new pontoons and monitor how new species establish on them.

There is also potential for new non-native species to be identified before they become established, that may have been transported on the hulls of boats.

What we found so far…

There is a surprising variety of species and growth on much of the artificial structures that have remained after the original pontoons were removed. Including species such as Sculpted sea squirts (Phallusia mammillata), Feather Duster worms (Sabella spallanszi) and Trumpet anemones (Aiptasia mutabilis).

The Seabed

The sand layer is very thin and easily disturbed. We found an oily anoxic layer that discourages burrowing creatures such as worms and crustaceans.

A big thanks to Ports of Jersey & Geomarine for allowing us access to dive and survey the area.

We have been chosen as one of the Ports of Jersey’s four charity partners for 2022-2024.