Using the UK, Marine Conservation Society, Seasearch survey methodology, Jersey Marine Conservation gathers vast amounts of data on the seabed marine life, that helps identify key habitats around Jersey’s coast. All data is Open Source, available through the UK National Biodiversity Network.

Data collection

Approved methods for recording biotopes are applied, ensuring all evidence withstands detailed political scrutiny. Jersey Marine Conservation, although a volunteer group, collects and processes data to a high professional level, supplying records, including images and video to the National Biodiversity Network and Jersey Biodiversity Centres.

The UK Marine Conservation Society supports and oversees the groups operating framework and project implementation.

How can this data help?

Without our surveys, there would be negligible sub-tidal information and therefore little to challenge environmentally sensitive proposals. The groups work has been instrumental in the setting up of protection zones, sustainable fishing practises and halting the wholesale destruction of seabed communities.

This information will continue to help support future marine conservation proposals, such as the Marine Park proposed by Blue Marine Foundation, Jersey’s Heritage’s Aspiring Jersey Island Geopark and the long awaited inclusion of sea areas in the Jersey National Park.

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