Our seagrass meadows are an incredible habitat which supports a variety of marine life, including the endangered seahorses, crustaceans and juvenile fish. As sea levels rise and our coast suffers erratic weather patterns, the meadows that could potentially extend along most of our east coast will help reduce coastal erosion and provide substantial carbon capturing potential.

Jersey’s biggest meadow in St Catherine’s harbour is therefore of massive importance. The coverage of seagrass in this area has been drastically reduced by moorings and craft movement.

Our Role

The Jersey Marine Conservation project will accurately survey the existing area, look at ways to restore growth and monitor regrowth following the installation of environmentally friendly mooring buoys and the decommissioning of unused mooring systems by Ports of Jersey.

The Team

JMC will lead the Jersey International Centre of Advanced Studies, Exeter University team, that will analyse the data, helping Ports of Jersey manage and conserve Jersey’s biggest individual carbon asset.


The Jersey Community Fund has provided just under £15,000 for this year’s work and a big chunk of that money came from ATF Fuels– a big thanks for that.