Marine Mission 2022

Featuring the Butterfield Marine Watch Touch Tank and T-Towel Competition judging

Is your school keen to support the future of the amazing creatures that live in our islands Inter-tidal zone?

Once again, in partnership with our sponsors at Butterfield, we’re inviting island schools to support us in our ‘Marine Mission’ – to celebrate, learn about and protect the richness and biodiversity of Jersey’s marine environments. 

Our Marine Mission event, to celebrate World Wetlands Day, is back! On 30-31 January 2022 we will be hosting a two-day event which gives islanders the opportunity to learn about marine conservation and meet our team of marine scientists and experts who will be exploring how changes to the ocean affect both marine life and the planet. While day one is open to all members of the community, day two is reserved especially for Jersey’s younger generation. We invite island schools to a fun-filled event, learning all about our local marine environments and the diverse creatures that live there.

Pupils will have the opportunity get up close to Jersey’s marine life with the popular interactive Butterfield Marine Watch Touch Tank and find out what other organisations are involved with marine conservation! For more details on the exhibitors that will be available soon.

There will be two sessions hosted schools sessions on the Monday, so please let us know which is your preferred session (morning or after lunch) and the number of pupils that will be attending. If you would like to reserve one of the two time slots for your school at Marine Mission on Monday 31 January, please contact Jersey Marine Conservation via e-mail

Click on our Butterfield Competition page for details

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