Our Committee and Team

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We are Jersey Marine Conservation – run by volunteers, a proactive, legally registered and Government approved Charity. Our team strives to protect our marine environment primarily by gathering data in support of marine protection, bio-diversity recording and associated research. As equally important, we engage the community through the Butterfield Marine Watch schools programme, in why Marine Conservation is so important, ensuring that our surrounding seas are valued, looked after and managed, to provide a healthy marine environment that functions as a living organism and a sustainable resource.

Our organisation is based in Jersey, Channel Islands. The Island is a Crown Dependency with our own Government, laws, customs and unique identity. The marine environment is not protected by UK laws or International treaties. No species living in our territorial waters are fully protected. Even marine mammals, such as Seals and Dolphins, have little in the way of legislation to safeguard their existence.

Currently we are focusing on Seagrass Restoration and monitoring support for our Marine Environment.
JMC is supported by Butterfield Bank Jersey, the Jersey Community Fund, the Association of Jersey Charities and the Ports of Jersey, working closely with the States of Jersey Marine Resources.

Executive Committee:
Kevin McIlwee – Chairman
Gareth Jeffreys – Vice Chairman
Emily Dow – Secretary
Beverley Murtaugh-McIlwee Treasurer

Non Executive Committee
Sean Dettman
Chris Isaacs
Christopher Peach
Bob Tompkins

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