Becoming an Observer

Getting in the water and making a record of the Species or Habitats you see is a big responsibility in many ways. A professional person or craftsman is held to the things they say and do. Its all about trust. We are Citizen Scientists and not usually Marine Biology professionals but we are trusted and respected for the volunteer work we do. Coordinators for Seasearch have to make sure those fortunate to get the opportunity are given the correct guidance. The task is easy but enthusiasm can sometimes get the better of us. If we are going to produce reliable data we need to follow methods that are acceptable. The Observer Course run by highly experienced Tutors, teaches people how to correctly complete the form and provides guidelines on identifying species which may be hard to classify. Knowing depth, location and time forms essential parts of the process for establishing the significance of what has been seen. Its not rocket science but understanding why and how to get it right getting is very important.

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