Annual Observer Course 2017

Make the first step towards becoming a Volunteer or Worker in Marine Conservation.
The Seasearch Observer Course will teach you about the main and underlying aspects of data gathering in support of Environmental protection proposals.

Usually we run these 7 hour introductions annually over a weekend but last year demand was so great we actually ran two.

Seasearch is a diving group that comes under the Marine Conservation Society UK. It’s not just for divers. In fact, with modern Technology you don’t even have to get wet. We are even developing under water remote cameras, which can be controlled from a boat or the shore. People monitoring fauna, wetland areas and birds attend our courses to learn about the association with the Marine Environment

Whatever your reason for exploring the Natural World this course will sharpen your awareness and outlook. What was that? Why is it here? Is it important? Should it be protected?

All the data submitted to the national coordinator goes into the UK, national Biodiversity database. Students & researchers have free access to this information. If it is your data, your name will be placed in the contributor field. Did you expect recognition as a Citizen Scientist? Well you will be!

The course will give you a methodology you could apply to almost any aspect of Conservation. That’s why all sorts of people come along and attend the course.

If you want to make your exploration more exciting and meaningful sign up for our next Course. Divers can obtain the Observer qualification by completing and submitting their reports (5 minimum).

We can run special courses for schools, colleges, corporate bodies and community groups. Any exploration can be a Seasearch survey.

Sign up now by emailing us at or contact us to discuss your requirements if you are an education or corporate centre looking to offer something different.

Thanks for listening,
Kevin McIlwee (Founder)